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Migrating Sharepoint Workflows

If your organization relies heavily onSharePoint workflowsnewsplanningimplementingsharepointintranetto simplify tasks like approvals and f...


Replacing Local File Shares

Do you want to avoid dealing with numerous problems using traditional filesharing methods Data redundancy difficulty accessing data data isolation...


What Included Microsoft Purview

Most organizations use multiple applications and platforms that generate data in various types and formats Evaluating these data types to become valu...


Dangers Migrating Box Sharepoint

postcontent postcontentwithmistakesElectronic Content Management ECM migration promises newer features and more comprehensive integra...


Teams And Sharepoint Working Together

Sometimes people ask if they should use Microsoft Teams and SharePoint with Office 365 The question shows a misunderstanding of how the products work...


Google Drive Sharepoint

Your business needs an IT platform that allows its team members to share and store data while also collaborating on various projects The question the...