Microsoft Purview
Identify, Classify, Govern

Manage and protect sensitive data across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments with precision and ease.

Microsoft Purview <br> Identify, Classify, Govern

Complete Data Governance at Your Fingertips

Harness the potential of Microsoft Purview to gain insights, manage, and govern your data across a myriad of sources.

Data Mapping & Classification

Dive deep into your data landscape, categorizing and identifying sensitive information for more informed decision-making.

Enhanced Data Security & Compliance

Ensure your data practices are compliant with regulations and safeguarded from potential risks, using Purview's robust tools.

Unified Data Cataloging

Centralize and curate a comprehensive view of your data sources, making it easier for teams to locate and leverage data assets.

Comprehensive, Adaptable, & Detailed...
We Got You!

Microsoft Purview offers unrivaled data governance capabilities. With our seasoned expertise, we'll bridge any gaps, ensuring optimal utilization and security.

Data Discovery & Classification
Understand your data landscape, categorizing information for effective governance.
Sensitive Data Identification
Pinpoint and manage sensitive data, ensuring compliance and reducing exposure risks.
Unified Data Map
Gain a holistic view of your data sources, streamlining data access and governance.
Compliance & Regulatory Assurance
With Purview's in-depth tools, ensure adherence to global regulations and standards.
Extensive Integration Options
Seamlessly integrate Purview with other Microsoft services and third-party platforms.
Data Lineage Visualization
Trace data lineage, understanding its origin, transformations, and endpoints, promoting informed decision-making.

Microsoft Purview
is part of Modern Data Governance

Identify Data Sources, Fortify Data Security, Guarantee Regulatory Compliance, Provide Comprehensive Data Views, and Enable Precision-Tailored Governance – All Unified Under One Platform.