AgileAscend: Migrations


AgileAscend: Migrations

Microsoft 365 and Azure

Deployment and configuration with best practices and experience

Layer Complexity

We guide from simple to complex migrations that can span services, types, timelines, and environments.

Business Impacts

Mitigate risks of project failure and runaway costs with our project managers and engineering experts.

Tactical with Strategy

Ensure immediate needs are achieved, but not at the risk of impacting time and budget for your future.

What you're looking to avoid

All migrations are different, but they often share common areas to assess, plan, migrate, and communicate. The real trick is finding areas that could impact success or cause major issues in access, security, compliance, and data loss.

Stopping the Business.
Poor planning and communication can create major impacts to regular business operations.
Degradation of Security.
Migrations should include meeting or improving your security posture, not reducing it or doing it later.
Losing Data.
Maintaining data fidelity from source to target is a must.
Sensitive Data Exposure.
Command and control during and after a migration is critical. Don't let others tell you otherwise.
Losing Control.
Poor planning and communication can create major impacts to regular business operations.
Over Licensing.
It's easy to purchase more than you need and have overlapping costs.


Experience & Expertise.


  • Project Management Guaranteeing clarity in scheduling, deliverables, and seamless communication.
  • Expert Team Ensuring every project has the requisite expertise with robust escalation support.
  • Documentation & CollaborationEfficient documentation processes for effective collaboration.

Proven process and tools

service expertise

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The Agile IT Edge: Migrations

Agile IT provides a wide spectrum of migration services


Entra ID, Windows Active Directory, ADFS, SAML

Email to Exchange Online

Exchange Server, Exchange Online, Google Workspace, etc.

Email to Exchange Online

File Shares, Google Drive, Box, etc.

Intranet to SharePoint Online

SharePoint Server, Custom Applications, Lotus Notes, etc.

Servers to Azure

Physical/Virtual, Hyper-V, VMware, AWS, Google, etc.

Apps to Power Apps/Sites

InfoPath Forms, Lotus Notes, Other Low-Code.

Ecommerce And SaaS

Line Of Business (LOB), eCommerce, SaaS.


SQL Server, SQL Express, SQL Developer.

Specialized Solutions

Some problems require specialized solutions & experienced experts with attention to regulatory requirements, complex environments & identities, or overlapping services that require consolidation.

Government Contractors →

Migrating to Microsoft 365 GCC Moderate or GCC High to meet ITAR, CMMC, CUI, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions →

Bring together multiple identities and combining groups, SharePoint Online sites, Teams, files, and more

Divestitures →

Departing organizations often have massive changes, decision making, and immediate needs.

Complex Identity Environment →

Collapsing identity services, impacts to users & devices, and organizational alignment.

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AgileAscend is a suite of solutions designed to combine best practices with predictable pricing and reliable outcomes.

Microsoft Services

Identity and Access Management

Change Management and Adoption

Application Modernization and Data