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Experience customized Microsoft Azure migrations tailored to accelerate your business growth and maximize operational efficiency.

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Microsoft services, security, compliance, etc.


Identity, email, files, servers, & data


Change management and adoption


Application modernization & Data


Identity with Microsoft Entra ID

It all starts with Identity. At the heart of any successful Microsoft Office 365 migration lies a well-executed identity management strategy. Whether your organization operates in a cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises environment, managing identities is crucial for ensuring secure and access to resources.

Users and Groups
It's more than just username and passwords. Roles, permissions, and group assignments planning is key to a successful migration.
Applications often have their own identities and may be required to be updated or migrated.
Hybrid Identity with Windows Active Directory.
Microsoft Windows Servers that host file shares for users, departments, and the organization.
Desktops and Mobile
Desktops and devices have identities too. Migrations often impact those devices and their users.

Specialized Solutions

Some problems require specialized solutions & experienced experts with attention to regulatory requirements, complex environments & identities, or overlapping services that require consolidation.

Government Contractors →

Migrating to Microsoft 365 GCC Moderate or GCC High to meet ITAR, CMMC, CUI, etc.

Mergers and Aquisitions →

Bring together multiple identities and combining groups, SharePoint Online sites, Teams, files, and more

Divestitures →

Departing organizations often have massive changes, decision making, and immediate needs.

Complex Identity Environment →

Collapsing identity services, impacts to users & devices, and organizational alignment.

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Common Azure Migration Scenarios


Physical and Virtual Machines

Microsoft SQL Server

Moving a SQL Server to Azure is common. But is it the server or the databases we want to move? Let's explore!

Windows Active Directory

Maybe we're adding a Windows Active Directory Domain Controller, or maybe we're adding/replacing with Azure Active Directory Domain Services.

Line Of Business (LOB) Application

You could have a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) application or a custom application that needs to move to Azure.

Remote Desktop Services

You have an existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployment with maybe VMware, Citrix, or another added value provider for your Remote Desktop needs.

Data Analytics

Your moving or adding data insights of your transactional data and looking to cloud scale your data and business Intelligence.

Deployment Automation

Converting from manual deployment tasks to automated deployment and configuration with Azure DevOps or GitHub Enterprise.

Government Cloud and Compliance

You've gone all or mostly cloud in Azure, but now need to move everything to use Azure Government to meet compliance requirements (e.g., ITAR, CJIS, CMMC, CUI)