Government Licensing for Microsoft 365 GCC High

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DFARS Compliance

Optimizing Microsoft Government Licensing

Navigating Complexities:
Microsoft Licensing for government organizations intertwines with regulations like the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). Making the right choice can be overwhelming.
Expert Guidance:
Agile IT is adept at simplifying these challenges. We help you choose the specialized Government Community Cloud (GCC) licenses that Microsoft provides, aligning them with DFARS requirements.
Compliance & Security:
GCC licenses cater to strict compliance demands. Trust them for a secure environment to handle Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and other sensitive datasets.
Harness Microsoft's Power:
With our profound knowledge, ensure your organization remains compliant while maximizing the benefits of Microsoft's robust technologies.

Understanding Microsoft AOS-G Licensing

The AOS-G program is the only way for companies to purchase GCC High Licensing. This is done through a modified Enterprise Agreement, which is different from commercial licensing acquisition in a number of ways (see below). Azure Government subscriptions are available for a variety of use cases, including long-term logging for security and audit purposes.

Licenses Available

Microsoft 365 GCC High does not have an equivalent to commercial Microsoft 365-style Business Premium licensing. These licenses types are insufficient to meet NIST 800-171 controls, so they are not offered. Instead, Microsoft 365 Frontline and Enterprise license types F1, E3, E5, etc. licenses are available and supported.


Given the additional security and compliance services provided by Microsoft GCC High licensing is approximately 70% more costly than equivalent commercial licensing.

Agreement Term

Microsoft 365 GCC High is licensed via a modified Enterprise Agreement , and therefore as such, licenses must be purchased for one year at a time. During that year, licenses and add-ons can be added and reassigned, but they cannot be removed.

Microsoft 365 GCC High Resources

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