Modern Desktop

Unleash the Potential of Cloud-Powered Windows Lifecycle Management. Streamline Applications, Enhance Security, Ensure Compliance, Provide Seamless Remote Support, and Achieve Tailored Customization – All from the Cloud.

Modern Desktop

What goes into a Modern Desktop?

Agile IT created the Modern Desktop solution based on bundling multiple Microsoft cloud services with Windows client that aligns with common licensing purchases by customers.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is at the center of Modern Desktop. Through policy based configuration for physical and virtual desktops, to compliance assessment, application deployment, and granular/low-level configuration. This includes pre-provisioning of devices with Autopilot and integration with Microsoft Defender.

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Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an enterprise endpoint security platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. Defender for Endpoint uses a combination of technology built into Windows 10 and Microsoft's robust cloud service.

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Defender Vulernability Management

Defender Vulnerability Management complements Defender (or third-party) endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution and has been expanded to include vulnerability assessments of containers. Reduce risk with continuous vulnerability assessment, risk-based prioritization, and remediation.

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How do users access a
Modern Desktop?

That's the beauty! Modern Desktop provides the core framework for deploying and managing Windows clients, along with applications, security & compliance policies and more. Access to it is also about choice.

Hardware (it's a tradition)

Yes, this of course means laptops and desktops. Now with Modern Desktop, devices for users can be configured right from the factory and even on-demand if they required an emergancy purchase from a local retailer.

Remote Desktop: Windows 365

Fully managed and operated by Microsoft, along with predictable monthly user based licensing based on compute/memory selection.

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Remote Desktop: Azure Virtual Desktop

While mostly managed by Microsoft, this Azure consumption based services provides maximum control, cost management, and flexibility.

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Reduce Pain, Risk, & Frustration

Seize the Initiative: Unlock the Power of a Modern Desktop with Microsoft Cloud Services. Address Licensing, Configuration, and Maintenance with Precision. Bridge the Gaps and Eliminate User and IT Frustrations

  1. Security Gaps

    Lack or misunderstanding of licensing, configuration, and complex security group assignments.

  2. Policy complexity & overlap

    Deploying individual policies across Microsoft 365 individually can create loss the big picture and even negate each other.

  3. Missing innovations and updates

    Microsoft innovations are fast and IT Teams often fail to keep up and miss opportunities for improvements or required updates.

  4. Time to value

    Licensing and vendor consolidation was the goal, but slow implementation and building technical debt keeps you from realizing your benefits.

  5. Digital Transformation Blocker

    Lack of well defined, managed, and secured desktops can slow down business productivity if desktops can't be trusted to be managed, secured, and meet compliance.

  6. User Frustration

    Mailing desktops, manual desktop management one at at time, and lack of a consitent user experience only creates more burden to users and frustrated leadership.

Explore the capabilities

You choose what best meets your needs and desired outcomes. If your needs change, we're Agile and can get you there.

Feature comparison

Feature comparison

Pre-configure new devices
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Update Management
Yes Yes Yes
Application Deployment & Management
No Yes Yes
Universal Print
No Yes Yes
Windows Client Endpoint Protection
NoNo Yes
MacOS Endpoint Protection
NoNo Yes
Microsoft Remote Help
NoNo Yes

Get Modern Desktop

Modern Desktop by Agile IT is available to customers as a Managed Service, Project, and even with regular updates.

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One-Time Project

Frequently included in a migration project or if you're just ready to get it done right if you're already in Microsoft 365.

Recurring Services

You may not have a need for managed services, but you do have a need to keep your Modern Desktop solution reviewed, updated, and improved by experts.

Managed Services

Remove the headache of thinking about what to do, when to do it, and the balance of your budgeting. We'll take care of that for you.

Customized Engagement

Complexity, customization, and timeline can be factors to building a customized implementation and operations for Modern Desktop. We can help with that too!


The following are the most common Microsoft licensing bundles and how they best align with Modern Desktop plans.

Feature comparison

Microsoft License

Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Yes YesNo
Microsoft 365 E5
Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft 365 E3
Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft 365 E3 + E5 Compliance
Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft 365 E3 + E5 Security
Yes Yes Yes
New device provisioning
Yes Yes Yes

NextGen Windows Workshop

Still not sure which route to take? Agile IT and Microsoft has created a workshop to help customers understand how and where Windows clients can be deployed, managed, secured, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Agile IT's Modern Desktop solution work in an existing environment?

Yes. Depending on how much you or another partner has deployed Microsoft Intune, Defender for Endpoint, Remote Help, etc., there could be a need to reconfigure things.

Is this a separate technology that requires licensing?

No. This is all based on the products and licensing by Microsoft. However, Agile IT does have intellectual property for automation, process, and content that reduces the cost and burden for customers.

How does this cost?

One part Microsoft licensing and one part Agile IT services. It really depends on the size of your organization, desire for increased customization/consulting beyond Agile IT standard services, and what you're starting with.

If I already have an IT team and/or a Managed Service Provider, can Agile IT still provide Modern Desktop to us?

Yes. It's common for many organizations to leverage Agile IT to augment the capabilities of their existing resources. We play well with others.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts based on other services customer purchase with Agile IT. Such as licensing, managed services, and if there is a Microsoft funding program that the customer qualifies for.

Is Agile IT a Microsoft FastTrack partner and can this align with Agile IT's Modern Desktop?

Yes and Yes. Agile IT is a FastTrack Ready partner (that's the highest you can get), and Modern Desktop aligns with their various deployment and configuration. That said, it's mostly guidance towards Modern Desktop.