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Microsoft Cloud with confidence

Make the most of your Microsoft cloud investments by achieving the power and promise that you bet your business on with Agile IT and Microsoft.

Navigating the Crucial Microsoft Cloud Challenge

Navigating Microsoft Cloud Adoption

Your business relies heavily on the efficiency and security of Microsoft 365 and Azure. When properly managed, they provide a safe, high-speed environment that empowers your employees to meet deadlines and facilitate the expansion of your business.

Where you might be right now

  • Maintaining IT services impacted by skills shortage and expertise
  • Unknown gaps in security & compliance
  • Wasting time searching for solutions
  • Employees lack guidance & empowerment to innovate

Specialized Solutions

Some problems require specialized solutions & experienced experts with attention to regulatory requirements, complex environments & identities, or overlapping services that require consolidation.

Government Contractors →

Migrating to Microsoft 365 GCC Moderate or GCC High to meet ITAR, CMMC, CUI, etc.

Mergers and Aquisitions →

Bring together multiple identities and combining groups, SharePoint Online sites, Teams, files, and more

Divestitures →

Departing organizations often have massive changes, decision making, and immediate needs.

Complex Identity Environment

Collapsing identity services, impacts to users & devices, and organizational alignment.

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Our Services

Staying ahead of the competition and avoiding disruption is key to every organization. Our proven path to digital transformation has been tested and refined for over 15 years.

Our culture and Microsoft focus drives results with Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform, and more.

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Expert guidance on Microsoft licensing and Azure cost management to reduce wasteful costs and assist with budgeting.
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Strategy & Guidance
Continued focus and improvement in your business with a true partnership.
A true IT partnership is a competitive advantage →
Security & Compliance
Achieve a strong posture and meeting compliance with experience and ongoing improvements.
Security & Compliance isn't an option, but a lifestyle →
Managed Services
Proactive Cloud-Managed Services and Security for Uninterrupted Business Growth.
We focus on IT and you focus on business →
Productivity & Collaboration
Integration, automation, and AI into your business workflows and data.
Agile IT Modern Workplace →
From identity, email , & files to servers, applications, and data.
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Change Management & Adoption
Don't just build it, you need to get your users and partners to adopt it to realized the business benefits.
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Modernization of applications, automation, and identity
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Flexible and Adaptive

Agile IT solutions and services are delivered to meet your desired outcome, frequency, and budget.

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One-Time Project

Frequently included in a migration project or if you're just ready to get it done right if you're already in Microsoft 365.

Recurring Services

You may not have a need for managed services, but you do have a need to keep your solution reviewed, updated, and improved by experts.

Managed Services

Remove the headache of thinking about what to do, when to do it, and the balance of your budgeting. We'll take care of that for you.

Customized Engagement

Complexity, customization, and timeline can be factors that require a customized implementation and operations for a given solution or collection of technologies. We can help with that too!


We built solutions to improve your speed of execution while reducing your strain in time, resources, and often expertice.

Deliver and manage always up-to-date desktops in a variety of deployment models.

Manage mobile devices across types and ownership.

Modernize, deploy, manage, and update apps that include SaaS, desktop, and mobile.

Maintain a strong secure posture across all services, devices, and data landscapes.

Meet and maintain organizational, government, and industry policies.

Build a resilient and scalable IT infrastructure. Agile IT offers strategies and solutions for a modern, efficient setup.

Government Compliance

Government Compliance


If you know or need to meet any of the acronyms above, then don't forget to include their requirements your planning for your migration. Agile IT can help!

Agile IT Government Solutions

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