Azure Backup Service Means A Catastrophe Isn't a Tragedy

Every business faces a catastrophe. Whether it’s a disk drive failure, natural disaster that shuts down a data center, ransomware that locks up your files or a legal demand to produce data from two years ago. A robust, reliable backup and recovery platform like Azure backup service is critical to keeping a crisis from becoming a tragedy.

But moving servers to the cloud won’t solve all your problems. Your cloud provider keeps the systems up and running, but most don’t include historical backups as part of their service.

The cloud can help contain the impact of a disk failure or data center outage. However, to cope with other data access challenges, your business still needs to maintain its own backups.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Azure Backup Service

Azure backup service backs up your local files to a cloud-based vault. You gain off-site storage for your critical data. You also no longer have to store and manage the backup media yourself.

Here are a few more benefits that make the Azure backup service a secure and reliable option:

Bolster Data Security With Encryption

The backup process runs locally and encrypts data with a password only you know. Tour information is secure during transmission and when stored in the cloud vault.

Disaster-Proof Your Data With Multiple Copies

Azure backup service creates multiple copies of the backup image — securing it from unauthorized access and device failures.

Recovery processes often fail due to a corrupted backup image. Azure stores your backups in two geographically dispersed data centers for additional protection.

Integrate Easily With Other Platforms

Azure backup service integrates with other Windows backup functions, such as Windows server backup and data protection manager.

Compress Files to Save on Storage Costs

With Azure, your data is transferred to the cloud. But because it uses incremental backups, only changed blocks are uploaded, reducing bandwidth requirements. Azure also compresses your data, minimizing the capacity needed for transmission and storage.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs and Improve Scalability

No matter how much your data requirements change, Azure backup scales to meet your needs. You don’t have to commit to buying infrastructure or worry about capacity surpluses or shortages. You’re billed only for the capacity you use.

Simplify Recovery

For some applications, Azure backup service creates a consistent image. This means you only need to install the backup to reach a runnable state.

Test Your Backup Process

Azure backup provide robust data protection — but the cloud alone won’t guarantee a successful recovery. You must configure the platform to ensure your data backs up properly.

Testing your recovery process is critical to verifying that your backups run efficiently. You don’t want to struggle through the restoration process for the first time during a crisis. Implement a process to regularly monitor your backups to make sure you don’t unknowingly lose data.

Working with an experienced cloud managed services provider to design and implement your backup strategy will also reduce your risk of failed backups. They can review your architecture, configure your Azure backups and implement the necessary monitoring.

Agile IT’s Azure backup services guarantee successful recovery for your data. Through regular testing, monitoring and efficient cloud-based backups, we keep you up and running no matter what catastrophe comes your way.

Learn more about Agile IT’s Azure backup and recovery services here.

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