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IAM for Mergers and Acquisitions

IAM for Mergers and Acquisitions

2021 saw an unprecedented rise in the pace of mergers and acquisitions MA activity saw a sharp uptake after the 2020 COVID19 pandemic and the resul...

What is Microsoft Copilot

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Discover what Microsoft Copilot is & how to use it with Agile IT. ✓ Get expert guidance & support for installing and utilizing Microsoft Copilot.

server management

Planning for Server Upgrade, Consolidation, Migration or Decommissioning

Chances are you’ve landed here because you are currently on Microsoft 365 and are looking to optimize your resources, reduce costs, improve performance, and even possibly benefit from Azure services through server consolidation and migration. However, more often than not, this endeavor can cause downtime, compatibility issues, data loss, and even face user resistance.


Azure AD Applications Management

Azure Active Directory AD has become pivotal in modern application development and security And within the Azure AD ecosystem Azure AD Application...