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Technical Debt Cloud Adoption

The pandemic dramatically accelerated digital transformation Most businesses embarked on handing their applications and data over to the cloud These...


Introduce Microsoft Entra

The truth of the matter is that it is virtually impossible for businesses to plan ahead for the different access scenarios that might arise across the...


Why Managed Service Providers Suck

Youve probably heard about the perk of benefits that come with Managed Service Providers MSPscloudmanagedservicessecurity The internet is...


Future Shock 2021 Told

2021 saw rapid changes in dynamics seeing as we were deep into the pandemic Systems communities and even governments were stretched thin which man...


It Due Diligence Mergers Acquisitions

Recent statistics reveal that between July and September 2021 there were over1000 mergers and acquisitions MAenterprisemergersacquisitions...


What Microsoft Substrate

The word substrate refers to an underlying layer or surface This gives us some clues as to what the Microsoft Substrate is To understand more about ...