Is your disaster recovery plan enough?

A Safer Solution to Office 365 Data Backup & Recovery

Implementing a disaster recovery plan isn’t just a smart move for your company; it’s an absolute necessity in today’s digital-driven world. As destructive data breaches and cyberattacks continue to rise, putting a recovery plan in place is the only way to minimize the blow to your business.

However, if you’re relying on Office 365 to back up your critical company information, you could be making yourself susceptible to costly data loss.

Although the threat of cyberattacks and natural disasters is more apparent than ever, accidental deletion is an irritating and far more common productivity disruptor your business will likely encounter. To quickly retrieve the specific data and documents your team needs to stay productive, you need a more reliable and granular backup solution.

Understanding the limitations of Office 365 backup & retention policies

Backup and data recovery policies should be a major component of your disaster recovery plan. But what if you need to retrieve individual emails or attachments — not just your entire data repository?

With the cloud, you’re no longer burdened with costly infrastructure to house your critical data; Office 365 backs it up for you. However, the standard back up policy only safeguards your data for 30 days. Unless you’ve created custom retention policies, in a matter of weeks, deleted or corrupted emails and files could be gone forever.

Microsoft’s complex and ever-changing backup policies also don’t guarantee a fast or complete restore of lost data and differ for each application. Without frequent data monitoring or a complete understanding of your IT landscape, data can easily fall through the cracks.

Retrieving deleted emails and documents through Office 365 is also a time-consuming process. While Office 365 support allows you to set custom retention rules and backup frequencies, contacting support and going through the data retrieval process — without the guarantee you can recover the individual data — wastes valuable time.

Configuring advanced recovery processes within Office 365 also requires specialized technical knowledge in deployment, operations and recovery for backup and recovery services, further complicating the data restoration process.

A More Practical & Comprehensive Solution

To guarantee fast and reliable data recovery, you need complete control over your data and individualized access to it.

Agile IT backs up all of your Office 365 files and stores them permanently for you. Here’s how our Office 365 AgileProtect service provides the control and protection you need to stay productive:

  • We store and back up all Office 365 files for you.
  • You keep documents and emails as long as you need — from 1 year to forever.
  • You gain retention and recovery policies individualized to your company.
  • You eliminate the risk of corrupted files.
  • You can quickly and painlessly back up and recover individual documents and emails.
  • Information is backed up 6 times per day, ensuring all of your data is protected.
  • The backup is held in your own Microsoft Azure subscription, not a black box.
  • We leverage Azure pricing and pass the cost savings onto you.
  • Our frequent audit tests continually ensure your data remains safe.

When disaster (or an accident) strikes, you need an airtight disaster recovery plan in place to protect every digital component of your business. But you also need the flexibility to pull out individual documents as needed.

Sorting through your entire database and extracting the data you need is a time-consuming process. Agile IT can back up individual emails to make this process quick and painless. For more information on our custom backup services, give us a call today!

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