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How to Migrate From Slack to Microsoft Teams

Aside from this morning's massive Slack outage, there are many concerns about Slack's acquisition by SalesForce last month. While it is unclear if Slack will migrate from its current home in AWS to Salesforce's less resilient servers, it is obvious that Salesforce is interested in Slack's data as much as its product...


Accessibility Features in Microsoft Teams - Video Demo

The following is a recap of our Agile IT Tech Talk entitled Accessibility Features in Microsoft Teams. There are more than 1 billion people in the world with some kind of disability. That's why optimizing accessibility and inclusion...


Securing the Remote Workforce

In todays professional environment its never been more important to have a secure remote workforce There was a time when working remotely remained...


Games for Remote Teams

The ongoing COVID19 response has tested organizations in more ways than one As stayathome and shelterinplace orders have become the norm through...


How to Enhance Remote Work Collaboration

The current adoption of the modern workplace brings with it a surge in workforce distribution since most employees are now working from home Other wo...