Agile Security:


Agile Security:

Guided by Expertise in Microsoft Ecosystems

Implement and maintain robust security and compliance measures, drawing from proven best practices and deep experience with Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms.

Unwavering Microsoft Focus.

100% dedicated to Microsoft cloud; get unparalleled expertise with Agile IT.

Rapid Value Realization

Tap into our capabilities; see quicker returns on your investments.

Balanced & Timely Execution

Immediate needs met without sidelining future goals, all within time and budget.

What you're looking to avoid

While every security and compliance initiative has unique elements, certain pitfalls are frequently encountered. Steering clear of these challenges is vital for ensuring optimal security and regulatory alignment.

Compromised Defense.
Not having robust security measures in place leaves vulnerabilities open for exploitation.
Regulatory Missteps.
Failing to stay updated with evolving compliance standards can result in penalties.
Data Breach
Inconsistent or outdated security protocols increase the risk of unauthorized data access.
Inadvertent Exposures
Control over data and processes is key. Ensure only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.
Operational Setbacks.
Misalignment with compliance requirements can disrupt routine operations.
Overspending on Tools.
Purchasing redundant security tools or software can lead to unnecessary expenditure.

Common Customer Challenges

IT Strategy is Complex and Ongoing

Leveraging information technology to drive business growth and innovation is a common challenge for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Modernization and Migrations
Closing the gap in IT technical debt, moving data to leverage Microsoft 365 and Azure services, and migrating/modernizing applications to meet the fast-paced demands of your organization
Continuous threats, evolving cybersecurity measures, insider risk mitigation, and sprawl of security IT knowledge require constant attention, evaluation, and improvements.
Improve & Optimize Business Services
Increased demand from organizational users and partners to leverage new innovation from Microsoft often creates stress and burden from IT teams to keep up with the demand.
Industry & Government Compliance
The complex regulatory landscape and the demands of cloud environments often hinder progress. At Agile IT, we understand these hurdles.

Compliance Expertise You Can Rely On

Agile IT's expertise in Microsoft Security and Compliance ensures that your organization is not only compliant but also leverages these standards to enhance overall security.


Navigate DoD contracts with guided CMMC compliance support.


Ensure defense-related data transfers align with ITAR standards.


Rely on our knowledge to help address DFARS compliance requirements.


Integrate cloud services with federal agencies under our FedRAMP guidance.


Safeguard health data on Microsoft platforms with our HIPAA compliance insights.

NIST 800-171

Uphold the protection of Unclassified Information through our NIST strategies.

How we help customers

Strategic guidance and develop customized roadmaps aligning technology investments with your business objectives.

Strategic Blueprint Design
We excel at crafting and executing strategic cloud roadmaps. Our team is adept at assessing your existing IT infrastructure, pinpointing potential improvements, and designing a strategy that perfectly aligns with your business goals.
Business Problems to Solutions
You know your business problems and Agile IT provides directons on how to define a solution, timeline, and identify risks along with pricing and cost management.
Looking beyond common IT
IT services are built to support and empower organizations. Agile IT also supports business applications, data, and workflows to support YOUR customer needs while maintaining a strong security posture, maintain compliance, and IT supportability
Security and Compliance
Security and compliance cannot be treated as mere checklists. Agile IT understands the criticality of a strategic approach to ensure your organization’s information assets and operations are safeguarded.
Technical Expertise
Our deep knowledge spans its diverse services and architectures, making us industry-leading experts in Microsoft Azure. Trust us to bring unmatched proficiency to your cloud endeavors.
Change Management & Communication
At Agile IT, we’re not just technical experts, we’re also seasoned communicators. We excel at managing the change that comes with cloud adoption and effectively conveying these changes, their benefits, and the processes to all stakeholders.

Everything you need

All-in-one service

Our certified experts bring extensive experience in IT consulting, cloud compliance, and Microsoft technologies. We provide strategic guidance and develop customized roadmaps aligning technology investments with your business objectives.

Agile IT streamlines operations, enhances security, and drives innovation, enabling you to unlock the full potential of the digital landscape and achieve sustainable growth.

Strategy Sessions
Thorough assessments of your existing environment based on Microsoft cloud services directions, enabling the development of a robust IT roadmap tailored to your specific needs and objectives.
Quarterly Briefing Reviews
Agile IT and your organization collaborate during the annual Strategy Session to review progress, address challenges, and fine-tune strategies for optimal outcomes.
Dedicated Account Management
With a dedicated Agile IT program manager, benefit from regular communication, unwavering focus, and successful implementation of roadmap goals for continuous improvement.
Security Reviews and Guidance​
Our experts assess your security posture, align it with Microsoft Secure Score, and provide comprehensive guidance. Protect your assets and maintain compliance confidently.
Admin Guidance
Continued assistance on with to administer and operate the services you already have.
Licensing & Cost Management
Detailed licensing and cost management to prevent underspending and building your budget.