What Is Included in Microsoft Purview?

Most organizations use multiple applications and platforms that generate data in various types and formats. Evaluating these data types to become valuable information takes time and effort. You can leverage the Microsoft Purview suite to track your data across all clouds, endpoints, and apps.

The unified data governance solution also makes it easier for you to conveniently manage and coordinate issues about data management, including data governance. The suite recently added new data governance and compliance products. Here’s what the new Microsoft Purview family includes:

Microsoft Purview Audit (Standard)

Microsoft Purview Audit (Standard) allows you to log and search for all audited activities performed in your Microsoft 365 services by admins and users. It comes enabled by default for nearly all Office 365 and Microsoft 365 organizations. So, you won’t need to do much to begin.

Schedule a CallAll it takes to search your audit log using Audit (Standard) is to verify your subscription, assign permissions, and search the audit log. While at it, you must also ensure proper user licensing and organizational subscriptions are in place.

Microsoft Purview Audit (Premium)

Audit (Premium) builds on the already-impressive capabilities of Audit (Standard) to provide in-depth audit logs and alerts, besides retaining audit records for up to one year. You get advanced auditing capabilities that streamline your compliance and forensic investigations.

It provides visibility into high-value and critical activities such as mail access. You also get more bandwidth to monitor logs via the Office 365 Management Activity API. Initially, you get allocated 2,000 requests per minute, which can increase depending on your organization’s licensing subscription and seat count.

Communication Compliance

This insider risk solution helps minimize your organization’s communication risks. It helps to detect and seize inappropriate messages on the organization’s communication network. The solution’s custom and pre-defined policies enable you to scan external and internal communications and determine whether they meet policy requirements. Reviewers can evaluate scammed email, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, or third-party communications to ensure they meet your message standards. This goes a long way in boosting your regulatory compliance and risk management efforts.

Compliance Manager

This critical tool in the Purview compliance portal helps you manage your company’s compliance requirements easily. The Compliance Manager tool comes in handy during your compliance journey. It enables you to document your data protection risks and manage the complexities of implementing appropriate data security controls. Purview Compliance Manager is also helpful in reporting to auditors and staying on top of current certifications and regulations.

Customer Lockbox

Customer Lockbox supports requests users make to access data in OneDrive for Business, Teams, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online. It keeps your data safe by ensuring Microsoft can’t access your content to undertake service operations without your approval. Customer Lockbox brings organizations into Microsoft’s approval workflow process, which it uses to ensure only authorized requests access your content.

Data Catalog

When it comes to data discovery, probing a data catalog is always an excellent tool, especially if you know what you’re looking for. Nonetheless, few users know how their data environment is structured, making data discovery difficult. Microsoft Purview data catalog provides a seamless searching experience and enables users to explore the data available to them.

Microsoft Purview Data Connectors

As the name suggests, Purview Connectors is a solution that extends Microsoft Azure’s service by providing data connectors that scan, parse, and extract the metadata from your organization’s on-premises data sources. The metadata is then sent to your Azure Purview account. Purview Connectors is licensed via the Azure Marketplace, and each connector type (SSIS, SSAS, PBIRS, SSRS) requires a license. Therefore, your licensed connector type can scan multiple connections (data sources).

Data Lifecycle Management

Every modern business needs a tool for managing its records and information lifecycle. Purview Data Lifecycle Management is one such tool. It features intelligent machine learning capabilities for classifying content and applying appropriate policies automatically.

The tool’s built-in information governance capabilities allow you to classify, review, retain, manage, and dispose of data in Microsoft 365. This way, it becomes easier to scale your data environment when necessary.

Data Loss Prevention

If your organization collects, stores, or transmits sensitive information such as proprietary data, financial data, health records, and social security numbers, you need to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The practice refers to data loss prevention (DLP). In Microsoft Purview, professionals implement DLP by outlining and applying data loss prevention policies. Purview DLP pinpoints, monitors, and protects sensitive data using deep content analysis rather than a simple scan to ensure that the content matches your organization’s DLP policies.

Data Map

This Microsoft Azure solution lays the foundation for data discovery and data governance. It captures the metadata related to the data present in SaaS, operation systems, and analytics in your on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. Microsoft Purview accounts come with a data map that grows elastically based on request load and the metadata stored in the data map. With Purview Data Map, it’s easy to monitor and control your data assets’ population. Then, classify them across the ingestion and scanning processes.

Microsoft Purview Double Key Encryption (DKE)

DKE employs two keys concurrently to access protected content. One key is stored by Microsoft in Azure while users hold the second key. An organization maintains control of one of its keys using the DKE service. DKE supports both on-premises and cloud deployments. The deployments keep encrypted data opaque, thereby preventing unauthorized access.

Records Management

What Is Included in Microsoft Purview? All organizations, big or small, need a records-management solution for maintaining business-critical, legal, and regulatory records. Microsoft Purview Records Management is one such solution, and it helps your organization effectively manage its operational and legal obligations while demonstrating compliance with relevant regulations.

Its key capabilities include labeling content as a record, configuring deletion and retention settings using retention labels, reviewing and validating dispositions, and exporting information regarding disposed of items. You can also set specific permissions regarding access to your organization’s records.

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Standard)

eDiscovery involves pinpointing and delivering electronic information for use as crucial evidence in cases. eDiscovery tools can be used in Microsoft Purview to find content in SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 Groups, OneDrive for Business, and Yammer teams. You can also leverage the tools to identify and export content in mailboxes and websites for use as evidence.

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium)

This tool offers the capabilities of Purview eDiscovery (Standard) but with added capabilities. These include custodian management, advanced indexing, error remediation, support for cloud attachments, and collection of reports and statistics.

Information Barriers

This compliance solution helps you restrict two-way collaboration and communication between users and groups in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. It’s particularly useful in highly-regulated industries. Indeed, it helps users avoid conflicts of interest by restricting the internal information they can share. When information barrier policies get implemented, users who shouldn’t share files or communicate with other specific users will not be able to identify, call, or chat with those users. With this tool, checks are put in place to track and prevent unauthorized communication between defined users and groups.

Information Protection

Implementing the capabilities offered by Microsoft Purview Information Protection (formerly Microsoft Information Protection) helps you to identify, classify, and safeguard sensitive information in your ecosystem. The tool’s information protection capabilities allow you to know where your data is and protect it, thereby preventing data loss.

Insider Risk Management

The compliance solution helps your organization to minimize internal risks by allowing you to identify, investigate, and mitigate inadvertent and malicious activities in your data estate. Internal risk policies make it easier to identify the risks your organization faces and take the appropriate actions to ensure all users comply with your compliance standards.

Compliance Portal

If you’d like to monitor your organization’s compliance posture, you’ll want to use the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. It allows easy access to the tools and data needed to manage your company’s compliance needs.

Microsoft Purview Customer Key

BitLocker and DKM encrypt your data whenever it’s at rest within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Purview Customer Key ensures extra protection and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data by systems or personnel. It’s not meant to bar Microsoft personnel from viewing your data. Rather, it helps you meet compliance and regulatory requirements for controlling root keys. You can authorize Microsoft 365 services to use the encryption keys to offer value-added cloud services like anti-spam, anti-malware, and search indexing.

Summing Up

Microsoft Purview is one of the best data governance tools. It’s easy to use, and configuration requires minimal knowledge. The unified data governance solution helps you create a holistic and up-to-date data landscape and optimize your data value. As you migrate to the cloud, you need a partner that enables you to stay ahead of the competition while avoiding business disruption. Agile IT has led the way in implementing Microsoft Compliance solutions to meet state, federal, and industry guidelines, including HIPAA, DFARS, NIST 800-171, CMMC, SOX, and GDPR. To understand how you can simplify your compliance requirements while reducing complexity, risk, and costs, contact us today for a free consultation.

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