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Litigation Hold In Microsoft 365

Companies face multiple legal issues in the modern business world from regulatory changes to contract disputes If youre a decisionmaker at a compa...


Ten Things Happened 10 Years Office 365

Ten years down the line and still counting Office 365 has transformed into a powerful cloud tool that individuals and businesses across the globe cou...


Basic Security Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a very secure environment when used properly This means following practices that will minimize the chances of unauthorized access A...


Dfars Compliance Office 365

Update The DOD released CMMC 20 in November 2021 CMMC 12 to CMMC 20 What Has Changednewscmmc20announcedchangesfromcmmc10...


Cloud Security Policy Advisor

Office Cloud Policy Service and Security Policy Advisor were recently released into public preview by Microsoft Security policies are an incredibly i...


Office 365 Hybrid Exchange Deployment

The advantages of cloud solutions like Office 365 are clear But as an IT admin you want to maintain administrative control over your email environme...