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How Long To Migrate To Onedrive

You might be expecting an answer of two to six weeks to migrate to OneDriveservicessharepointmigrations if youve gone through other large mig...


The Pros And Cons Of Byod

In recent years Bring Your Own Device BYOD policies have grown inpopularity In fact a 2015 studyhttpwwwzdnetcomarticleresearch74perc...


Test Your Data Restore Process

Data restore is just one component of your overarching disaster recovery plannewsdisasterrecoveryplanenough But its arguably most critical...


Moving Files To The Cloud

After moving to Office 365 you have finally uncovered the advantages of a streamlined cloud productivity platform And to continue reaping the saving...


It Leasing Will Work Business

At Agile IT weve seen that IT leasing is a model that works for many businesses particularly since the rollout of the Microsoft Surface as a Servi...