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Best Practices Devsecops Azure

The DevSecOps approach to releasing and maintaining software has largely replaced the old way of having separate teams for development and administrat...


Understanding Azure Aws Admin

AWS admins are you interested in switching to Azure or setting up a multicloud operationWhether you want the enhanced availability and stability ...


Azure Devops Hackathon

What Is the Azure DevOps HackathonThe Azure DevOps hackathon is a 12hour engagement to introduce the culture and processes of DevOps to squads...


Azure Devops Demo

Inside Azure DevOpsThis week we took a rapid fire demo inside Azure DevOps and introduced two new guests the minds behind our Agile DevOps se...


Community Coding

I wanted to share how my recent experience in community coding helped me improve what I was doing internally At Agile IT weve been making big inve...