Private Cloud Immersion for Enterprise

    Have you considered how you will extend your organization to the private or public cloud? Do you have a plan for implementing your own cloud infrastructure? Are you aware of everything you can do now?

    A Private Cloud Immersion, known as PCI, is an interactive engagement to learn how Microsoft is delivering cloud solutions now and in the future. It is a hands-on experience with a private cloud, from configuration to operation.

    PCI provides a deep understanding of what the Microsoft Private Cloud is and how to take advantage of it – today. You will use the latest private cloud technologies from Microsoft, including Windows Server and the new Microsoft System Center.

    Best of all, a Private Cloud Immersion is completely free. Suited for business and IT decision makers as well as implementers, Private Cloud Immersion will provide you and your team with an introduction to private cloud concepts and the Microsoft Private Cloud solution through a scenario-based, hands-on experience. The experience is flexible and is easily tailored to focus on the private Cloud solution areas most interesting to you.

    As a Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year, Tier Three member of the Microsoft Cloud Champions Club and a Microsoft Managed Partner with Gold competencies in Management and Virtualization and Server Platform, among many others, Agile IT is recognized as best-in-class and the premier Microsoft Cloud experts.

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