Free Skype for Business (Now Microsoft Teams) Phone System Deployment from Microsoft! Do You Qualify?

    In the past, setting up a fully integrated business telephone and video communication platform was a major ordeal. Often, this took a series of independent projects, vendors and a telecommunications company to make it all happen.

    On Dec. 1, 2015, Microsoft set out to change that by releasing new conferencing, meeting and cloud telephony options for Office 365 under Skype for Business. And Microsoft wants to help you make the switch for FREE (up to $60,000) through a special Cloud PBX Adoption Offer.

    Microsoft will help pay for your full Skype for Business deployment, but only for a limited time. What Is the Microsoft Cloud PBX Offer?

    Office 365 customers that purchase qualifying licenses are eligible for Microsoft’s Cloud PBX Offer — and will receive a complete voice communications system, no longer requiring an on-premises PBX. This includes the following features and more:

    • Full Cloud PBX: Provides more advanced call control features such as hold, resume (take people off hold), forward, transfer, simultaneous ring, team ring and delegation (which supports boss-admin scenario).
    • PSTN calling: Allows Skype for Business Online users make calls to and receive calls from regular phones and phone numbers.
    • PSTN Conferencing: Gives participants the ability to dial into Office 365-hosted audio conferences from ordinary phones.
    • Skype Meeting Broadcast: Allows users to broadcast a Skype for Business meeting to up to 10,000 participants.

    Plus, you can roll it all out for free from Agile IT. Cloud PBX - Skype for Business Deplyoment Essentially, your company gains a phone system, instant messaging and virtual meeting solution through Skype for Business. Users can host conference calls and transfer calls using their Skype for Business contacts and hold and resume calls from their computer.

    These new Skype for Business updates ultimately “help companies get away from audio conferencing and telephony systems that they have to cobble together from multiple vendors,” according to Zig Serafin, general manager of Skype for Business.

    By opting into the program, you remove the complexity of connecting your cloud server, Skype for Business platform and public telephone system and obtain a comprehensive solution for one monthly licensing fee. Typically, you would pay thousands of dollars to consultants to make this deployment happen, or you would spend months deploying yourself.

    This offer won’t last long, though. Here are three important details you need to know:

    • What’s free? The entire Cloud PBX deployment project up to $60,000. Microsoft will pay $10,000 toward your migration of 50 users and up to $60,000 for larger deployments!
    • What costs will you incur? Standard E5 monthly licensing.
    • How long do you have? Until June 2016 if you have 50+ users.

    Who Qualifies for the Cloud PBX Offer? To qualify for the PBX Offer and funding, your company must be an existing Office 365 customer (whether deployed or not) and purchase at least 50 eligible Office 365 SKUs before June 30, 2016. Microsoft Cloud PBX Reference Chart Qualifying SKUs include:

    • Enterprise E5, Office 365 Government G5
    • Cloud PBX standalone SKUs
    • Skype for Business standalone Plan 2
    • E4 step up SKU to E5
    • Add-on Cloud PBX SKU to E1
    • Add-on Cloud PBX SKU to E3

    To qualify, you do not need to purchase all SKUs at once or even 50 of the same SKU. You can satisfy this requirement through separate transactions that occur during the offer period (ending June 30). SKUs must be purchased from the Cloud Solution Provider – Agile IT. Requires both Partner of Record & Delegated Administrative Privileges with Agile IT. There are some offer restrictions to be aware of. For example, the following customers are not eligible for the program:

    • Customers taking advantage of “Reserved not yet Billed” or RNYB for Full User Subscription licenses
    • Office 365 Dedicated Customers
    • Education customers
    • Government Community Cloud customers
    • Office 365 SKUs purchased through previous offers and programs

    Take Advantage of the Cloud PBX Adoption Offer Today By opting into this program through Agile IT, you won’t have to worry about working with multiple vendors or even a phone company to set up a seamless, comprehensive communication infrastructure. After your free deployment, one monthly licensing fee will take care of your entire business communication system.

    As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, Agile IT can complete your Skype for Business phone system deployment with minimal business impact. Have questions or want to get started? Contact an Agile IT rep today_! We won’t charge you anything up to $60k — Microsoft foots the bill!_

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