Microsoft’s Cloud Service Map Makes It Easy to Compare AWS and Azure 

Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are two of the leading providers in the cloud services space. Both platforms offer an array of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions for organizations of all sizes. When it comes to choosing a cloud solution, comparing the two providers can be a daunting task.  

Microsoft recently introduced a new cloud service map that offers a side-by-side comparison of the cloud capabilities that Azure and AWS offer. The map makes it easy to familiarize yourself with the differences and determine which services are the best fit for your organization.   

Compare AWS and Azure Cloud Services

The cloud service map is structured in a convenient table. You can navigate between service types and learn about the aspects you’re most interested in. The map compares AWS and Azure in 13 service categories.

  • Compute: Compute refers to the cloud computing resources that your applications can run on. Compare the services used for virtual servers, container management, backend process logic and more.  
  • Storage: Storage services offer durable and scalable cloud storage for all your applications. These services include virtual disk storage, file sharing and backup.  
  • Networking & Content Delivery: These services allow you to provision private networks, connect cloud applications to your on-premises data centers and more.  
  • Database: Database services give you options for storing and migrating your data. 
  • Analytics & Big Data: These services process and analyze your data to help you make quick and informed decisions. 
  • Intelligence: Intelligence services enable machine learning and AI capabilities including text, speech, vision and search. 
  • Internet of Things (IoT): These services connect your devices, assets and sensors to collect and analyze data. 
  • Management & Monitoring: Manage and maintain visibility into the health and performance of your infrastructure and applications.  
  • Mobile Services: Mobile app services enable you to develop mobile solutions, test and monitor apps, manage mobile devices from the cloud and more. 
  • Security, Identity & Access: Protect your applications and data in the cloud, securely manage your existing user identities and provision new ones. Cloud-based services cover authentication and authorization, information protection, encryption and more. 
  • Developer Tools: These tools enable you to build, debug and manage multi-platform apps and services.  
  • Enterprise Integration: These include services that integrate your third-party SaaS apps, on-premises apps and custom apps and allow your employees to collaborate from anywhere on any device. 
  • Marketplace: Cloud marketplace services make it easy to deploy and configure native and third-party applications and services in a central location.  

Choosing the Right Cloud Solution for Your Business

Migrating to the cloud is not a simple project. Whether you are brand new to the cloud or just new to these providers, Microsoft’s cloud service map gives IT professionals a clear overview of the capabilities both AWS and Azure provide.   

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When it comes to choosing a service provider, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. AWS and Azure both offer flexible and robust cloud solutions.

You will need to consider which platform aligns best with your business goals and strategy. Whether you are looking to combine services from Azure and AWS or migrate fully to one provider, it’s smart to orient yourself with all the services required for a successful migration.   

Agile IT is a proven expert in cloud implementation and migration services. Have questions about which cloud service provider is right for you? Talk to one of our cloud experts today.

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