6 Business Applications for Microsoft Power BI

Your organization works with a lot of data, but if you have a hard time connecting it to important insights, you aren’t maximizing its value. Microsoft Power BI helps you fix this problem through a powerful business intelligence tool that focuses on visualization. You don’t have to try hard to understand spreadsheet columns demanding your attention. Instead, you get clear charts, graphs, diagrams and other reporting visuals. You identify trends, discover patterns and quickly get up to speed on new data sets. Here are a few ways Microsoft Power BI can work for your organization.

1. Automate KPIs in Microsoft Power BI

You have important key performance indicators (KPIs) scattered across multiple applications. You can’t draw conclusions from these metrics when they’re siloed off in individual software. Power BI brings this data together into one panel, so you have an organization-wide view of the information that matters.

2. Visualize Sales Versus Marketing Leads

Do you have problems with your sales team meeting their quota? The problem may not originate from their department - it could be the quality or quantity of leads from marketing. Even your best account representatives can’t do their job properly if they don’t start with the right prospects. Microsoft Power BI lets you visualize the relationship between these two critical metrics.

3. Conduct a Marketing Health Check

You invest heavily in your online marketing to attract customers while they’re researching solutions to their unique problems, but they’re falling out of the funnel before they convert. What’s going wrong between their click through and the sale? Power BI brings this relevant data into a chart so you can track user behavior throughout their journey. Your campaign may have significant problems or simply missed the mark with the target demographic.

4. Gain a Real-Time Look at Your Company’s Financial Performance

Financial setbacks have a long-lasting impact on your organization, especially if it’s completely out of nowhere. Microsoft Power BI gives you insight into the company’s performance at multiple levels. You can look into a team’s profitability, your top-selling products, the revenue generated by a particular department and many other views. This data comes into Power BI in real-time, so sudden drops get immediate attention. You get the chance to fix the problem before it snowballs into a massive concern.

5. Create Consistent Reporting Standards

How many software packages exist in your organization? Every department from accounting to sales relies on specialty applications for their day-to-day job duties. You don’t always get a reporting feature in these programs, and if you do, the format varies significantly from app to app. Using Microsoft Power BI to pull in data and generate reports gives you consistent standards across the organization. It takes less time for managers to understand the information when it’s presented in the same format and style every time.

6. Stay Ahead of Inventory Shortages

Does your business work with physical inventory, whether you’re selling products to the general public or you need to keep track of your office’s printer paper? Power BI stays on top of your inventory numbers, so you know when to bring in more units, the sell-through or usage rate and other critical information.

Your first step to getting the most out of this solution is making sure you supply complete data. Clean and robust data ensures you’re getting accurate information and insights from Power BI. This flexible business intelligence tool has a place in every business. If you need help getting started with your visual reporting or need help preparing your data for analysis, learn more about Agile IT’s Power BI services or reach out to us today!

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