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Introduce Microsoft Entra

The truth of the matter is that it is virtually impossible for businesses to plan ahead for the different access scenarios that might arise across the...


Creating Ma Roadmap It Leadership

Mergers and acquisitions are pursued with good intentions They can bring increased profits strengthen business objectives and allow jeopardized inn...


Spooky Thirteen Scariest Hacks In 2018

Dont be afraid of cyber security The number of breaches and hacks in 2018 might seem scary but security tools are advancing almost as quickly as th...


Patch Tuesday Resources

The patches that companies release for their products enhance the security and functionality However this does not make them any less of a hassle A...


Amazing Microsoft 365 Apps

When youre using software especially complex suites loaded with apps its easy to slip into the path of least resistance You tend to lean on the a...


Business Intelligence Solutions

Your company capturesnew data every day often spread across multiple reporting tools Business intelligence solutions combineyour company data in ...