Business Solutions with Microsoft Power Platform

Optimizing applications, streamlining processes, and harnessing the power of automation, organizations can unlock new opportunities for growth Reduce risk , uncertainity of obstacles , and frustated users by working with a team experts

Business Solutions with Microsoft Power Platform
Powerful and Simple

Solve Business Problems and Empowering Your Business

100% Responsive
Responsive and mobile ready with Power Apps
Business Intelligence
Insights with Power BI
Automated & Approvals
Automate tasks and include approval flows
Save time
Reduce manual activities
Scheduled Workflows
Set it and forget it with jobs
Save money with hundreds of integrated services

Elevate Operational Efficiency Now.

Collaborate with Agile IT to architect powerful automation solutions utilizing Power Automate. Unlock potentials you might already be licensed for.

Ideas & Past Projects

Dive into the innovative projects and ideas we've brought to life with Power Automate.

Document Flow Management

Automate the routing, approval, and archiving of vital documents, ensuring smooth operations.

Expense Reporting

Streamline the submission, approval, and tracking of business expenses with custom flows.

Task Reminders

Never miss a deadline. Automate reminders for project milestones and important tasks.

User Onboarding

Simplify the onboarding process with flows that ensure new users have the resources they need.

Data Syncing

Ensure data consistency across platforms by automating synchronization tasks.

Notification System

Automatically notify stakeholders of important updates or when specific criteria are met.

Seamless Integrations

Boost efficiency by pairing Power Automate with your favorite tools and platforms.

Microsoft Office 365

Sync tasks and data across Office apps like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint for streamlined operations.

Dynamics 365

Automate business processes by integrating CRM and ERP data seamlessly.

Power BI

Trigger flows based on insights and report updates to keep stakeholders informed.

Azure Services

Leverage the power of Azure databases, AI, and more, optimizing flows for advanced tasks.

Third-party Apps

Connect to hundreds of popular apps like Dropbox, Slack, and Twitter for versatile automation.

Custom Connectors

Build and utilize connectors tailored for your specific business needs, ensuring unique processes are automated.

Want to build a custom integration?

Request an integration or build your own.


Don't forget about security and compliance

Building solutions to solve problems is exciting, but we can't neglect securing access, protecting information, and meeting compliance requirements

Secure Deployment Protocols

Ensure your deployments are secure and optimized. With each push, be confident that your systems remain resilient and aligned with best practices.

Enhanced Data Protection

Optimize data safety and bolster user trust. Embrace advanced security measures to ensure your data remains uncompromised and confidential.

Access Control and Permissions

Streamline and manage user access seamlessly. Ensure that the right individuals have appropriate permissions, fostering a secure and compliant environment.