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Migrating Exchange 2010 2019

January 14 2020 is approaching and for organizations everywhere that means one thing its time to start the process of migrating Exchange 2010 to 2...


Moving Files To The Cloud

After moving to Office 365 you have finally uncovered the advantages of a streamlined cloud productivity platform And to continue reaping the saving...


Roi Of Office 365 For Your Business

Likeany investment you should weigh the pros and cons of moving to a new email solution like Office 365for your small to midsized businessThe a...


Host Servers Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has quickly become one of the most popular cloudcomputing platforms on the web With IaaS and PaaS service and support for various la...


Creating A Hyper V Template

Creating a HyperV template to quickly deploy new VMs can save time on spin up and updating You can set up hyperV templates preinstalled with appli...