How MSPs Can Reduce Your IT Spending By Over 50%

You moved to the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs and more easily scale in the future. But in many cases, taking on a cloud setup puts excess pressure on your IT manager — and doesn’t turn out to be the cost-saver your anticipated.

This is where outsourcing your cloud IT needs to a managed cloud services provider can help.

How Managed Services Providers Reduce Costs

The technology nonprofit CompTIA recently conducted a survey of 400 businesses that outsourced their IT needs to a managed services provider within the past year.

In the survey, 96 percent of respondents reported saving a substantial amount annually — 184 businesses noticed cost reductions of 25 percent or more, and 58 saw over 50 percent reduced costs.

Sure, you want to save money, but quality of service is also a concern.

Over 89 percent of respondents reported an exceptional experience. The knowledge and expertise their MSP delivered kept operations running smoothly and on schedule. Business owners were especially impressed by the ease of use, high security, flexibility and increased uptime.

More Ways to Reduce Costs With Outsourced Cloud Management

Increased uptime alone can save you thousands of dollars — we all can attest to the high cost of accidental downtime. Other ways to reduce costs include:

  • Upfront billing: Most providers charge an upfront fee and a flat monthly rate. You know how much you’ll pay each month to help manage your IT budget.
  • Reduced resources: Outsourcing allows you to reduce your in-house workforce and the tools needed to handle operations.
  • Fully trained managed service providers: They have the experience needed to complete tasks quickly and accurately. This reduces risks and liabilities and ensures compliance with government regulations and industry standards.
  • The best tools and technology: MSPs use industry-leading tools, technology and resources to enhance efficiency and streamline procedures and processes. This enables more insight and greater visibility, leading to smarter data-driven decisions based on real-time information and analysis.

Other Benefits of Using MSPs

MSPs handle the arduous, repetitive, complex and time-consuming updates for IT teams, freeing up time for staff to do other things. Working behind the scenes, an MSP manages critical operational tasks that your business depends on.

Businesses most often outsource workforce management, contract compliance, payroll and information technology.

However, MSPs can also work closely with your IT team to complete projects right the first time. They can thoroughly review current processes and find opportunities to reduce expenses while maintaining efficiency. Your services provider is dedicated to seeing you succeed and will stick with a project from start to finish.

Choosing an MSP

Working with an MSP is a long-term play. You could go anywhere for managed cloud services, so your partner is committed to earning your trust.

When vetting a cloud services provider, look for market maturity. Choose a cloud-first company that has completed similar projects — and won’t use you as a guinea pig.

Some MSPs only offer routine maintenance and remote monitoring. This might work if you only need a quick fix or emergency help. At Agile IT, we strive to be your strategic partner and align our cloud strategy with your business vision.

Learn more about Agile IT’s cloud consulting services and how we can help you.

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