Microsoft Teams for HR Departments

Microsoft Teams for HR

Remember the time when the only place you could get any work done was on your work desktop while in the office? Remember when you had to play the waiting game to get answers from a colleague via email? Or, maybe you still do these things. The way people work, communicate, and collaborate in organizations is evolving to a more productive modern workplace. This blog goes through an example of how one department, Human Resources, is utilizing Microsoft Teams to get their work done.

The HR Story

As an HR professional, Grace is involved in the onboarding process for new employees. This requires her to gather important information a new hire needs during orientation and the first few weeks of their new job. She also needs to have a location to store and share this information. Grace starts her day by checking her activity feed from the Teams app on her mobile device, to see if there are any critical posts or mentions she’s missed. If something needs her immediate attention, she clicks on the notification and adds her message to the thread. Once she’s in the office, she joins a meeting with her team to discuss the next onboarding event. She utilizes Teams to take and share notes, video chat, and record the meeting for any members that are unable to attend. She decides to create an Onboarding channel under the Human Resources team. Avoiding Black Hole Meetings with Microsoft Teams – Coffee With ConradIn the Onboarding channel, she @mentions Matthew to start gathering important links and documents that will be shared with the new employees on the first day of onboarding. Matthew goes above expectations by creating a new team for the new onboarding class, makes an announcement in the conversations tab of how to use Teams, and adds tabs for a Wiki of important links, Expensify app for travel reimbursements, and includes the Icebreaker app for new hires to easily meet others in the company. Grace is impressed and rewards Matthew by giving him bonus points through The rest of the HR team notices Matthew’s efforts and adds on to his bonus points! She then travels to a venue where the networking event will take place, after onboarding. She uses her mobile device to take pictures and notes of the venue using OneNote. She posts in Onboarding, “The venue looks great but would like to continue searching.” She also informs her team to check OneNote for her notes. She decides to start an impromptu meeting by clicking on Meet Now with her Onboarding team to discuss the venue, budget and other options. Her team notices a video icon appear next to the Onboarding channel, and a few people join the call. After a few minutes, two other colleagues jump in the meeting and share their thoughts. By the time that meeting ends, it’s time to prepare logistics and transportation costs for another task, the next recruiting event at a local university. She is done with all her in-person meetings for the day, so she finishes the rest of her tasks at home. Grace is just one example of how her and the HR team utilize Teams for productivity and enhancing their workplace initiatives. They get the most out of Teams by creating meeting spaces, giving recognition where it’s due, participating in constant conversations, and they are flexible with how work is done across their colleagues. What’s your next move with keeping up with the modern workplace? Start using Teams for your everyday tasks and use it as a guide to focus more on being productive with your colleagues.

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