Manage Windows 10 and iOS devices with new features from Microsoft Intune

Microsoft plans on releasing the next service update for Intune by November 6th this year.  The new features will be available as part of Windows 10 and iOS managed app configurations.  The following examines some of these new features as well as a full list of features to be released soon to Intune standalone.  These features help bring Windows 10 users closer to Android and iOS users with more universal apps and some new features to the Intune Company Portal.

Windows 10 Enterprise data protection (EDP) configuration policies

You will be able to create and deploy configuration policies under the EDP configuration settings.  This includes a list of apps that should be protected by EDP such as levels of protection, enterprise network locations, and also encryption using a new template.

Universal Windows apps

You will be able to deploy Universal Windows apps on devices loaded with Windows 10.  On Oct. 6th, Terry Myerson provided information on how the new platform has over 110 million devices with Windows 10.  In order to reach all those devices, Microsoft has developed universal apps for Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Flipagram and Uber are also getting the universal app status and will be available on the Windows Store.  With more universal apps moving into the Windows Store, many users will feel comfortable moving their devices to the Windows 10 platform.  While the Windows Store still trails far behind the iOS App Store and Google Play, Microsoft is making an attempt to find some of the more universally used apps among all three platforms with plans to add more later on.

Updated Intune Company Portal app on iOS

A new Send Diagnostic Report button will appear on the Intune Company Portal app for iOS.  This feature will enable users to send feedback and diagnostics to their service desk for support.  A new Report button is also going to be added with error alert messages that pop up.

All global (tenant) admins must have an Intune or EMS license

In November, Microsoft Intune will require the EMS license in order for tenant admins to access the Intune company portal.  You can go to the Office 365 portal to assign these licenses individually or in groups.  These licenses can be assigned in just a few simple steps after logging into the Office 365 portal.

Android Marshmallow now supported

Earlier last month, Intune began supporting Android Marshmallow.  This enables users to see a complete list of features released to Intune standalone.  You will also be able to view a list of features released to System Center Configuration Manager integrated with Intune.

As with many other releases, the updates will be pushed out incrementally to global users.  You can get the latest status updates for Microsoft Intune by clicking here. You will be able to discover the Service Instance your subscription is running when you open the Intune administration console.  If your device isn’t running the latest instance, check back at the status page to see when it will be available in your area.  If you want to view some of the features being pushed out to the System Center Configuration Manager you can click here.

Looking for advanced help with Intune, EMS or SCCM?  Agile IT provides Enterprise Microsoft Consulting to customers throughout the US.

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