Importing Contacts via PowerShell to your Office 365 Address Book

    So first I had to get what fields I could import from Exchange and you can do that by logging into your Exchange Organization via PowerShell and then typing in the cmdlet “Get-Contact | FL” this will give you a list out of all the available fields that go with a contact. Now you can even go further and type in “Get-Contact | Export-CSV c

    .csv” and it will spit it all out for to a .csv file which you can use as a template. Beware that this does also make fields that contain Office 365 specific data so you can’t use all of those fields so you’ll have to find out which ones you can’t use. _

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    1). Prepare CSV file, this file should contain all attributes you want to use for your external contact, here is the file I used.

    “Name”,”ExternalEmailAddress” “Amy Smith”,”” “Lynn McCade”,”

    2). Create external contact using following cmdlet: Import-Csv d

    .csv|%{New-MailContact -Name $_.Name -ExternalEmailAddress}

    Great you’ve just imported your contacts now it’s time to populate the information. You can do that by creating another .csv file with the fields you got from that Get-Contact | export-csv command earlier.

    1.) Make sure your CSV file is filled out properly “Name”,”MobilePhone”,”StreetAddress”,”WorkPhone” “Amy Smith”,”6198675309”,”1204 Mission Blvd.,San Diego, CA,90129”,”6198675309” “Lynn McCade”,”8588675309”,”1204 Mission Blvd.,San Diego, CA,90129”,”85886753099”

    2). Set the external contact with proper attributes.

    Import-Csv d

    .csv|%{Set-Contact -Identity $_.Name -MobilePhone $_.MobilePhone -StreetAddress $_.StreetAddress –WorkPhone $_.WorkPhone}

    Congratulations!! You’ve now imported your contacts into your GAL.

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