How Proactive Managed Services Go Beyond Problem-Solving to Profit-Generating

Managed Services” have been a great value for many small and midmarket companies for years. Having a team of experts who would solve technology problems and take care of the computers took many companies out of what they felt was becoming a secondary, non-paying occupation. Now they could focus on what they really did for a living.

But proactive managed services is about more than putting out fires. That, in fact, is why we developed AgileCover, our innovative IT Managed Services program, to help companies “get back to business” - their own business.

Make It Work…

One of the challenges we observed with clients was that the Managed Services companies they were working with were in the “fix-it” business. That is, whenever there was a problem, they came and fixed it. Maintaining the status quo was the goal. Some offered better monitoring so they could “fix it” faster, but restoring functionality was all they were there to do.

Make It Work Better

For companies of all sizes, information and the technology used to manage it should be strategic weapons designed to help the company succeed and grow. Keep closer track of what is and is not selling so you can adjust inventory to stock deeper in products that move. Collect and use more information about each customer so you can sell to them more effectively. Communicate with more prospects faster and more impactfully than ever before. Use computer and Internet communications to extend your market reach around the world.

“Managing” isn’t something you do to simply keep things working. That’s administration! When you manage something, your goal must be to make it work better. Process more orders faster, with fewer data entry errors.  Get invoices and statements out sooner to improve cash flow. Grow new markets. Find and win more business.  That’s what managers do.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are no different. If they’re not helping you improve how you leverage information technology to drive greater value out of your data, they’re not providing Managed Services. They’re simply providing repair services.

Make It Work Cheaper

How do you know when a Managed Services Provider like Agile IT is doing a great job for you? It’s actually very simple!

First, compare your year-to-year cost of doing business adjusted for growth of revenue and profits. If you have no growth or profits, part of the problem may be that your Managed Services Provider is not really doing their job.  That’s right! You want your Managed Services Provider to be your partner in growing your business.

If the amount you’ve saved in operating costs exceeds what you spent with your Managed Services Provider, they are clearly doing their job. Be sure to include the cost of your Managed Services Provider in your calculation. Not only should your Managed Services contract pay for itself; your Managed Services Provider should also reduce your overall costs.

When you’ve chosen the right Managed Services Provider, Information Technology is no longer a cost center; it’s a profit driver!

Talk to Agile IT

When you choose a “fix-it” style MSP, you’re choosing to spend more and profit less. When you choose a proactive partner like Agile IT, you’re choosing to implement a strategy for increasing your company’s growth and profits. Ask us. We’ll gladly share how we’ve done this for many clients and explain how your company can benefit from our services, too. Connect with us today!

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