Breaking Up With Local Active Directory

Discover transformative strategies and insights in our exclusive webinar, focusing on seamless integration and informed decision-making for cloud migration.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 12:00 PM (Pacific Time)
Conrad Agramont
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What You’ll Learn

This webinar offers an in-depth exploration into transitioning from Local Active Directory to cloud-based solutions like Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. You'll learn about the key decision-making factors and integration strategies essential for a successful shift. The session covers various aspects, including the impact of remote work dynamics, understanding your current infrastructure, and the financial implications of cloud migration. Special emphasis is placed on navigating through different architectural scenarios, ensuring compliance, and optimizing for the hybrid work environment.

During this webinar, we will walk you through every step of breaking up with your local Active Directory:

  • Planning and preparation for removing Local Active Directory
  • Identifying and migrating dependencies on Local Active Directory
  • Removing Active Directory domains and trusts
  • Managing group policy and user accounts
  • Migrating to alternative authentication methods
  • Best practices for backup and recovery
  • Securing the network after Active Directory removal
  • Managing access to network resources
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting post-removal issues
  • Future considerations for directory services and identity management

Key highlights included:

  • Breaking Up with Local Active Directory: Insightful strategies for transitioning to cloud-based platforms, addressing the challenges and benefits of moving away from traditional infrastructures.
  • Hybrid and Remote Work Adaptations: Examination of how the pandemic has accelerated the need for robust, cloud-based solutions, and the role of Windows 365 and Azure in supporting this new work environment.
  • Infrastructure and Market Trends: Discussion on evolving IT landscapes, including the aging of local infrastructure and the shift towards OneDrive, SharePoint, and cloud services.
  • Cost and Resource Management: Analysis of financial impacts, server refresh cycles, and resource allocation in the transition to cloud services, highlighting cost-effectiveness and efficiency gains.
  • Security and Compliance Considerations: Insights into reducing attack surfaces, leveraging modern security tools, and ensuring compliance in diverse sectors, including government and finance.
  • Cloud-First Approach and Integration: Guidance on adopting a cloud-native mindset, integrating with Azure Active Directory, and managing the lifecycle of cloud-based services and applications.

About The Speakers:

Conrad Agramont

Conrad Agramont

CEO @ Agile IT

CEO of Agile IT, overseeing strategic direction and business transformation through cloud technologies.