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Pentesting Microsoft Office 365

IT security is a game of cat and mouse Bad actors are continuously developing new methods for disrupting systems and CTOs CIOs and their teams are ...


Using Azure DevOps for IT Management (VIDEO)

Using Azure DevOps for IT Management - Leverage Azure DevOps for effective IT management, automating processes for building, continuous testing, and deployment, even if you're not part of a software development team....


HIPAA Compliance in Microsoft 365

Businesses that deal in healthcare know the importance of HIPAA and HITECH compliance Violations of the privacy and security rules can result in larg...


Active Directory Health Checks (Video)

Active Directory Health Checks were the topic of September 20th's Agile IT Tech Talk, where we welcomed Miguel Escalante, the new Cloud Solutions Engineer on the Agile IT Team. Joined by Conrad Agramont, the two discussed how to identify an ailing Active Directory, what causes specific faults, and how to fix them...