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Myth 24 7 Msp

24hour support is a popular MSP offering whereby the service provider promises IT support 24 hours a day 7 days a week Specifically the MSP promis...


Update Dods Jedi Project

UPDATE The DODs JEDI Project has been awardednewsjediawardedgovernmentcontractorsThePentagonsaboutconnecttargetblank rel...


Performing Tenant To Tenant Migration

Whether due to a merger and acquisition rebranding or a divestiture companies that use Office 365 may find the need to migrate their mailboxes from...


Pentesting Microsoft Office 365

IT security is a game of cat and mouse Bad actors are continuously developing new methods for disrupting systems and CTOs CIOs and their teams are ...


Microsoft Government License Comparison

The governments technological needs are unique They require worldclass security as well as the ability to meet strict compliance regulations The ...