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How to Create a Custom Office 365 Retention Policy

An Office 365 retention policy helps you manage the email lifecycle and minimize potential legal risks by establishing a maximum timeframe emails are kept. Microsoft routinely updates the default policies for messaging records management. For instance, deleted emails in Off...


Deleting & Disabling Mailboxes in Exchange Hybrid 2013 & 2016

In theory, shutting down or disabling a user mailbox in Exchange hybrid 2013 and 2016 might seem simple. But when the time comes, plenty of unplanned scenarios can complicate this simple action. You may want to preserve the mailbox while blocking access or need to enable litigation hold and lock out a user for compliance purposes...


Work Smarter With Windows 10 Creators Update

In 2015, Adaptiva conducted a survey regarding the intent of corporate America to migrate to the newly introduced Windows 10 OS. More than 70 percent of responders said they would wait at least six months before migrating...


Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With Managed IT Cloud Services

Over the past few years, cloud computing has grown into a quintessential tool for businesses with the help of managed IT cloud services. The versatility and convenience cloud computing offers is only surpassed by the massive savings...