Microsoft Optimized Windows Desktop Deployment Architecture Demo

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    Iftekhar posts about developing a desktop architecture that is agile.

    Today we’ll talk about Optimized Desktops and how its different from Traditional desktops.

    There is lots of buzz word around for Optimized Desktop but do we really know what exactly aOptimized desktop means.

    Enterprise IT infrastructures are increasingly complex to manage. Microsoft Optimized Desktop model enhances application deployment and compatibility, increases IT responsiveness and end user uptime, and helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your desktop software and IT management. With Microsoft VDI, a true optimized Desktop solution can be achieved.

    There is this never ending war between Users and IT department. User wants more flexibility, IT wants control and security now Optimized Desktop is THE Solution here.

    When do you need a Optimized Desktop over Traditional Desktop in your organization?

    Lets have a look in these scenario when you need Optimized Desktop:

    Microsoft Optimized Desktop is perfect solution to these scenarios taking care of both user and IT department’s requirement.

    With Microsoft Virtual desktop Infrastructure(VDI) and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack(MDOP), a true Optimized Desktop can be achieved.


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