Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool for Exchange and Active Directory (ADFS)

The Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool provides analysis of your on-premises environment in preparation for an Office 365 enterprise deployment. The readiness tool is integrated with the guidance provided in the web edition of the Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide.

Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide Please provide your feedback to: [](

The following assessments are provided:

  • Domains

    • Email domain discovery and number of users leveraging each domain
  • User Identity and Account Provisioning

    • Statistical information
    • Active Directory schema and forest/domain functional data
    • Trusts extract (checks for multi-forest constraints)
    • Directory Synchronization
      • Pre-requisite checks
      • Attribute assessment
    • Single sign on
      • Attribute assessment
  • Exchange Online

    • Statistical information
    • Public folder, public delegates, and proxyaddresses extract
    • 3rd party and unified messaging proxyaddresses information
  • Lync Online

    • Statistical information
    • SIP domains summary
  • SharePoint Online

    • User object count assessment
  • Client and End User Experience

    • Summary of domain joined machines for rich experience/SSO readiness
  • Network

    • Port analysis on certain Office 365 endpoints
    • DNS records assessment

Download @ (scroll to bottom for blue button) Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool beta - Download documents - Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365 Community View a Walkthrough Here:

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