Work Smarter With Windows 10 Creators Update

In 2015, Adaptiva conducted a survey regarding the intent of corporate America to migrate to the newly introduced Windows 10 OS. More than 70 percent of responders said they would wait at least six months before migrating, and almost half (49 percent) stated they wouldn’t make the change for a year or more. In the nearly 18 months since then, over 350 million PCs now run on Windows 10. But this represents only 25 percent of the total PC OS market. There are still millions of SMEs and large enterprises that have yet to make the change. But with the Windows 10 Creators update, it might be time to start thinking about it.

Updates = Upgrades

Despite low adoption rates, Microsoft’s latest update —Windows 10 Creators — may offer the programs and services that will entice more PC operators to make the move. The update is the largest ever undertaken by the digital giant, and by all accounts, the company has learned from experience how to do it right.

Windows 10 Creators Update Eases Workloads

These new updates will undoubtedly improve the work environment:

My People

Perhaps the most anticipated new feature, My People puts your most important contacts right in your desktop taskbar so you can connect with one click. The app eliminates the need to track contacts by channel by automatically connecting you to a person through your preferred channel, with no user intervention necessary. With the update, your communication apps also pop notifications over your contacts’ icons when you receive a message, so their emails and messages don’t get buried under dozens of less-than-critical notes.

Paint 3D

Not surprisingly, the Windows 10 Creators update is especially friendly to the creative people on staff:

  • Capture 3D - With the new Capture 3D tool, you can project 3D images of 2D scans into your workspace, then visualize them through a HoloLens headset. This augmented reality gives designers who work with 3D materials the ability to virtually manipulate the structure of their 2D project before any production investment is needed.
  • 3D in PowerPoint - Adding 3D models from an online repository (Remix3D) to your standard 2D PowerPoint presentation allows you to rotate images for better clarity or simply to enhance the entertainment of your (now enthralled) audience.

Improved Security With Windows Hello

With the escalation of digital security threats in all sectors, the Windows 10 Creators update, Windows Hello, also upgrades existing authentication capacities. The biometric authentication feature uses fingerprint or facial recognition as a method of unlocking devices. When presented through the Windows Hello credentials, authenticated users can safely go about their business on your secured corporate network. And because the biometric data is personal to the user, copying or stealing that data is impossible.

Faster Updating

Your time is valuable. The Windows 10 Creators updates save you both time and money. The Unified Update Platform (UUP) is the next generation of update software. Instead of updating an entire program, just to add a few recently made changes, the UUP uploads only the changes made since the device was last upgraded. By doing so, users consume significantly less bandwidth in the process and reduce the relative size of the upgrades by approximately 35 percent. Microsoft intends for the UUP to become the universal system for all Windows 10 applications, including those on smartphones and tablets.

Migrate or Update With Agile IT

If you haven’t migrated your enterprise over to Windows 10, the Creators updates might be the enticement you need to make that leap. Since 1975, Microsoft has been the leader in enterprise technology. The Windows 10 Creators updates demonstrate that the company is still at the leading edge of the industry. Want to confidently capture all the business benefits Windows 10 OS offers? As your cloud partner, Agile IT works with your business to help you work smarter. If you need help getting more out of IT, contact us today!

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