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The Coming of Age in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for years, in some form or another.  As its popularity grows, the way it serves us grows and changes as well...


How The Cloud Helps Your Small Business Use Big Software

AgileDataCenter is made for businesses of all sizes.  AgileDataCenter Dedicated Server Environments are designed to make it dramatically faster and easier to move the contents of your server to new hardware - whether on-site or in the Cloud ...


Small Businesses Seek to Take off with the Cloud

Cloud computing isn’t just for large-scale, enterprise organizations.  More and more small businesses are moving to the cloud, and enjoying the greater flexibility and freedom of movement that cloud computing offers.  With Office 365, you really can work from anywhere, anytime.  Contact Agile IT today to get started in the cloud, and never again...


Microsoft Beefs Up Azure Security With Cryptography

If you’ve been worried about the Heartbreak virus, here’s some new good news from Microsoft regarding their Azure Web Sites.  Microsoft continuously upgrades their security measures to stay in line with regulatory compliance standards...


4 Industries Embracing The Cloud

At Agile IT were seeing more and more organizations looking to move to the Cloud As can be seen from our case studiescasestudies Case Studie...