Microsoft Cloud Easy Offer is Back! Save 15% on Office 365

Get the comprehensive IT Online solutions you need now, and earn dollars towards deployment or future purchases!

Cloud Easy Qualifying ProductsFor every qualifying Online Service you purchase between March 1, 2013 and May 31, 2013, you can earn 15.0% partner subsidy funds to be redeemed with Agile IT.

How does The Cloud Easy Offer help my business?

A comprehensive solution can seem out of reach for most small to mid-sized Organizations. Most are accustomed to purchasing products and solutions piecemeal, and postponing planned upgrades or refreshes due to budget constraints. With the Cloud Easy Offer, you can earn partner subsidy funds, which can be used for additional purchases of Microsoft software, or associated services from Agile IT – a welcome injection to your IT budget. The Microsoft Cloud Easy Offer includes Microsoft cloud services, which help businesses to access scalable and reliable applications while lessening the burden of provisioning and maintenance – saving money and simplifying IT management.

What is a subsidy?

A subsidy is a check made payable to Agile IT. This subsidy can be used to enrich and implement your overall solution as it allows you to purchase additional Microsoft software, Online Services subscriptions, or associated services from Agile IT. The partner subsidy helps provide organizations with an affordable software version upgrade or solution adoption path – so your organization can realize the enhanced  productivity, security and network performance benefits of the latest software solutions.

Qualified Organizations must successfully register their purchase(s) at by 5:00pm PDT within thirty (30) days of purchase date to receive the partner subsidy funds. For full terms and conditions please, visit

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