Learning Resources for Azure - The Vast Azure Landscape (Video)

September 13th’s Tech Talk with Rich Carlsen, Microsoft Solutions Architect was a walk through of many of available learning resources for Azure. Rich is deeply involved in the Azure ecosystem, so while his talk focused on Azure resources for beginners, there is value even if  you are an Azure pro.

Where can I start learning about Azure?

Azure is indeed vast, and with so many opportunities available, it is easy to become overwhelmed and hard to know where to start. Thankfully there are almost as many Azure learning resources as there are Azure Solutions. Rich explained his personal framework of certification, independent study and working in the real world. He also acknowledged the different ways  which people learn and showed how the learning resources available for Azure came in every format you could want, in video and documentation, in full manuals, structured courses and even quick start guides and hands-on labs.

Here is a full breakdown of the resources Rich discussed

Azure Learning Respources

Microsoft’s Azure Training Portal

Pluralsight’s Role-Based Azure Learning Portal

Microsoft’s Guided Learning Paths

Microsoft Azure Hands-On Labs

Azure Certification Courses

Azure Essentials Training

Azure Support Community

Azure Documentation Library - Quick Start Guides

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