Consolidate Corporate Communication With Office 365 E5 PBX

How many communication tools do you use in your office for voice, instant messaging, conferencing and online meetings? A complicated infrastructure increases maintenance requirements, makes it difficult to share data across platforms and necessitates more training for end users. Your traditional PBX solution can’t keep up with your company’s cutting edge needs, and you’re losing your competitive edge. Office 365 E5 PBX offers a modern unified communications system capable of introducing many benefits to your organization.

Cloud-Based PBX

Office 365 E5 PBX moves most of your on-site hardware into the cloud. You no longer need to maintain PBX equipment on-premise, which drastically reduces your IT workload and costs. You get an easily scalable replacement for your existing system that includes many innovative communication features.

For example, camp-on allows you to monitor co-worker availability when they’re not currently at their phones. When they get back, you get a notification. Internal Caller ID pulls information from your business directory to display the picture, name, job title and phone number. When you work in a big corporation, this feature helps you put a face to the name. Call forwarding, simultaneous ring and device switching allows calls to reach you on your most convenient device.

Online Meetings

No one wants to drop what they’re doing and go to the meeting room. The online meeting functionality in Office 365 E5 PBX supports HD video, works with most devices and brings 250 people together in a virtual environment. Built-in collaboration tools improve productivity, while Outlook integration streamlines scheduling.

If you want larger-scale participation, such as with a virtual conference or large-scale webinar, you can broadcast meetings for up to 10,000 participants. They connect through web browsers and communicate via Yammer integration, polling and other tools.

PSTN Conferencing and Calling

You don’t need to have everyone calling and conferencing through Skype for Business online or the cloud-based PBX to access your lines. PSTN functionality can connect to standard phones, whether they’re calling in for a meeting or connecting to an end user.

Instant Messaging

How much time could employees save if they didn’t have to pick up a phone and call someone every time they had a question? Instant messaging functionality reduces distractions and helps end users improve their efficiency. They can see when their managers, co-workers and team are available to speed up communication.

Centralized Conversation History and Voicemail

You talk to many people over the course of a work day, from vendors to clients. Searching through five applications when you need to reference a conversation is frustrating. This system gives you a centralized location for all conversations, whether you need your call log or a voicemail transcription.

A single vendor communications platform in the cloud reduces the support load and expenses for IT. They no longer need to put in physical servers to increase capacity, reach out to multiple companies to fix problems or perform common maintenance processes. If your company uses cloud computing technology in other areas of the business, such as enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management, Office 365 E5 PBX provides a natural fit into your overall IT strategy.

Ready to get started with Office 365 E5 PBX or have questions? Contact an Agile IT rep today to get more information about consolidating your corporate communications with this robust platform.

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