Cloud Now Offer - Get 25% Rebate on Microsoft Cloud Services now through June 30th

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Microsoft Cloud Now Offer ends June 30, 2013!

This offer enables US customers to earn subsidy funds on qualifying Online Services subscriptions purchases. The subsidy funds can be used towards additional purchases of Microsoft software, Online Services subscriptions or associated services from Agile IT – a welcome injection to your IT budget.

Use the subsidy funds to:

  • Defray the costs of solution implementation, management and scaling
  • Lower the upfront costs of migrating to the Cloud with the Cloud Now Offer, subsidies can be earned on Microsoft Online Services like Microsoft® Office 365 Open Midsize Business, Small Business Premium, Office 365 Enterprise (Plan E3) and Office 365 Enterprise Plan (E4) !!!!

It’s easy to grow your IT budget

PURCHASE from the list of qualifying Microsoft Online Services between June 1- June 30, 2013

CLAIM online within 30 days of the purchase on the Cloud Now site (which Agile IT will perform on your behalf as a customer).

SPEND your subsidy check with Agile IT within 90 days of issue on any Microsoft service or software.

Contact Agile IT soon to take advantage of this special offer.