Modern Workplace Microsoft 365

Optimizing applications, streamlining processes, and harnessing the power of automation, organizations can unlock new opportunities for growth

Modern Workplace Microsoft 365

Layered Complexity

We guide from simple to copmlext migrations that can span services, types, timelines, and environments.

Business Impacts

Mitegate risks of project failure and runaway costs with our project managers and engineering experts.

Tactical with Strategy

Ensure immediate needs are achieved, but not at the risk of impacting time and budget for your future.

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Email Migrations to Microsoft 365

Transitioning from an existing email system to Microsoft 365 can pave the way for improved productivity, better collaboration, and enhanced security.

On-Premise (Exchange Server) to Cloud
Move from an on-premise email system, such as Exchange Server or another platform, to Microsoft 365.
Safely transfer emails from IMAP/POP3 servers like Yahoo or custom servers, preserving the integrity of your data throughout the migration process.

Why Agile IT?

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2,000,000+ Accounts Migrated
4x Microsoft Partner of the Year
10+ Years of Experience
Fixed Price
Dedicated Project Management
Security and Compliance Built-In

How We Work

Utilize our advanced tools and proactive strategies to mitigate potential risks throughout the Microsoft 365 licensing process.

Benefit from our collaborative approach as we work hand-in-hand with your team, understanding your unique needs and delivering tailored solutions to ensure success during the Microsoft 365 licensing process.

Secure your entire organization and it's stakeholders from phishing and ransomware and ensure compliance to policies like HIPAA, GDPR, CMMC and NIST.

Rely on our years of experience and innovation which have resulted in advanced tools and methods that streamline the migration process and enhance post-migration operations.

Leverage our exceptional expertise in Microsoft solutions, certified by rare and prestigious credentials that position us among the top-tier Microsoft partners. We bring this deep knowledge to each project, enhancing outcomes for your organization.

We offer competitive rates that align with the value and quality of our services, ensuring our clients receive exceptional value for their investment.


Hear what our customers say

Discover the stories of delighted customers and their experiences

  1. Bill Wyatt

    Agile IT is hitting it every day, and researching it, testing it, and that way we get the best opinion of ‘Is it time to onboard that new service, or do we need to wait?’ The opinions of Agile IT are critical to helping us make good decisions about change.

  2. Andrew Matanic

    We wanted to find a Gold Microsoft partner who had a lot of experience, great reviews and high customer satisfaction scores – we found all of that with Agile IT.

  3. Harry Tchira

    Perhaps it just seems simple because Agile IT has made it simple for us… in the end, this just made sense.

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our team.

Can AgileMAX apply to an existing enviornment that wasn't migrated or configured by Agile IT?

Yes. Depending on much you or another partner has deployed Microsoft Intune, Defender for Endpoint, Remote Help, etc., there could be a need to reconfigure things.

How long are your contract agreements?

Typically 12-36 months.

Is this best before, during, or after a project with Agile IT?

It all depends on what you're needs are. We're flexible. Or shall we say, Agile!.

Is there an early cancelation fee?

No. We require 60 days notice to ensure a proper change over.

Do you install agents on desktops and devices?

Only agents required by the Microsoft services we're managing AND that are required by the services we're managing.

Can AgileMAX manage other non-Microsoft cloud and traditional IT servers (e.g. Windows Server on-premises)?

Yes and No. If a Microsoft cloud service can manage the sevice, then so can Agile IT.